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Assertiveness Training For People In Business Building confidence and communications skills for you and your company.

A program by Dorothy Leeds, who has trained over 20,000 managers in assertiveness and direct communications for such organizations as Mobil Oil, McGraw-Hill, Digital Equipment, and the American Management Association.

If you would like to:

  1. Be perceived as more credible
  2. Build your confidence and present a stronger image for your organization
  3. Gain greater respect and develop a solid team around you
  4. Get more done through direct and clear communication
  5. Become a more productive employee
  6. Spend less energy in emotions and more in doing a better job
  7. Learn to stay in control in the most difficult situations
  8. Deal effectively with anger in yourself and others
  9. Gain greater recognition and promotions
  10. Cop with criticism and turn it into a positive
  11. Make fewer mistakes through building clarity in communication

then this course is for you!

Benefits to your organization

  1. The more confident people are, the more productive they will be. Another benefit is that participants will present a much stronger image for your company. Also, less time will be spent late, sick, and frustrated -- holding in emotions rather than using them in a constructive manner.
  2. Repressed anger, manipulation, and the inability to deal with criticism are very costly barriers to productivity in most organizations. By teaching people to cope with these recurring issues, everyone benefits.
  3. Since the basic premise of Dorothy Leeds' assertiveness training is goal oriented, the people in your organization will become more professional and assist your organization to achieve its objectives.

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