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Assertiveness Training For People In Business
Why This Program Is Unique:

Organizations are very often wary to send people to assertiveness training, fearing they will return to work aggressive monsters. Never fear. Dorothy Leeds' emphasis in Assertiveness Training is in accomplishing goals, building strong relationships, and consideration of others. All positive behavior.

Helping people to focus on setting and accomplishing goals and to become more direct in their behavior will reap benefits not only for the people themselves but for the organizations as well.

This is an active program, which focuses on modifying behavior. In this skill-building session, we will provide many opportunities for practice, since that is what it takes to build a habit.

Our goal is for you to leave this program with the special verbal skills, goal setting behavior and confidence necessary to operate up to and beyond your potential.

Special Features:

  1. The most commonly asked question at sessions is "I know how I feel, but how am I being perceived?" If you wish to see yourself as others see you, video taping of 'real life' situations will be available.
  2. Assessments (objective and subjective) for determining your assertive strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Directed feedback from the instructor and from other participants.

Objectives and Benefits:
You will walk out of this program:

  1. Motivated and confident
  2. Knowing your strengths
  3. Knowing your vulnerable areas
  4. Knowing how others perceive you
  5. Having actually practiced, in real life situations, all necessary assertive skills
  6. Having had the opportunity to see yourself on videotape
  7. Having developed a one-year action plan for continued assertive behavior
  8. Having the verbal and communication skills necessary to accomplish your goals
  9. Believing in yourself and your ability to be more successful

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