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Assertiveness Training For People In Business Seminar Outline: A 1-2- or 3-Day Program

  1. Introduction, Psychology and Individual Assessments
    1. Definition of Assertiveness
    2. How to Develop a Skill - The 6A Formula
    3. Dealing with Behavior and How to Modify It
    4. Why People Need Assertiveness Training
    5. Four Types of Behavior
      1. Passive
      2. Aggressive
      3. Passive/Aggressive
      4. Assertive
    6. Description of Each in Terms of:
      1. Your Voice -- Building a Strong, Clear Authoritative Vocal Delivery
      2. Your Body Language - Posture, Gestures, Sitting, Handshakes, Dress, etc
      3. Verbal Language How to Use Power Words
    7. Develop a Portrait of Yourself: Subjective and Objective
      1. Your Own Impressions
      2. How Others Perceive You/Anonymous Feedback
  2. Developing Assertive Behavior
    1. Building Confidence
    2. Asking Smart Questions
    3. Setting Goals
    4. Dealing with Manipulation
    5. Coping with Anger
    6. Reducing Defensiveness
    7. Building and Practicing Assertiveness Skills
      1. Setting Goals
      2. Giving Direct Concise Messages
      3. The Broken Record - Staying Centered
      4. Asking Clarifying Questions
      5. Admission
      6. Skill Building & Practice
  3. Situational Assertiveness
    1. Application of All Principles in Specific Situations
      1. What situations cause you the most anxiety?
      2. Where are your strengths?
      3. What do you have the most difficulty asking for?
      4. What kinds of people cause you the most anxiety - i.e., male authority figures, female authority figures, etc.
    2. D(escribe) E(xplain) S(pecify) C(onsequences)
    3. Role-play and or Video Taping
    4. Commitment and Action Plan
    5. Conclusion

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