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Assertiveness Training For People In Business

Some Testimonials:

** "Action is the operative word here. All of us who spoke about the presentations were able to say that we took action. I, for one, overcame my block against calling a non-receptive customer and invited him to lunch. What a positive reaction from him! And all because I changed my approach and my attitude towards customers who say 'No.' "
Linda E. Goodman, VP, The Bilingual Publications Co.

* * *

** "I've benefited many times from the program. I've had three promotions since the course, salary up two grade levels, and last Friday was promoted to Manager of Purchases. So I am very happy."
Arline Kurtz, Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd.

* * *

**"I felt that this was one of the best communications programs that I had been a part of. Dorothy Leeds is an excellent instructor and provides a good example for the class. It was well worth my investment in time."
William A. Coley, Manager, Duke Power Company

* * *

**"You gave us ideas and direction on how to conduct ourselves in both our business and personal lives. The content of your presentation has given me some specifics in the ‘How To’ when dealing with my boss and handling the people who report to me."
Marilyn McGuire, President, Sales & Marketing Executives of Minneapolis

* * *

**"To tell you the seminar was the best, and in my opinion the most meaningful meeting the Toronto Fashion Group has put together in their twenty odd years of operation, will perhaps give you a feeling of its success and our pleasure."
Ida M. Hewett, Treasurer, The Fashion Group, Inc.

* * *

**"Your enthusiasm and support of my questions did play a role in my ultimate decisions I am seeking new roads of adventure - am no longer place bound, believe that new found and developed skills are marketable, and have a confidence in myself that I find reassuring!"
Susan Meyers, Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission

* * *

** "What an inspiration you are! My three days at the AMA Seminar which you directed were informative, enlightening and stimulating."
Marianne Howatson, VP, Director of Advertising, Penthouse Magazine

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